Seminars at LUC Academy

At LUC Academy we aspire to share the knowledge of the professionals we invite to assist us in further shaping the childrens programs and enhance the skills of our already well trained therapists.

To achieve this we have hosted two conferences thus far the first being a six hour seminar presented by Reva Fedigan CCC-SLP on verbal behaviour analysis.

The seminar was not only a theoretical explanation of the various terms and methods used in VBA but also hands-on training to ensure all particpants had a very clear understanding of the methods.

For the second conference we had Dr Josh Pritchard presenting on Applied Behaviour Analysis, again a six hour seminar including both theoretical presentations and hands-on exercises to ensure that the implementation of the theories were well understood by the therapists, parents and caregivers of special needs children that attended the seminar.

For any info on upcoming seminars, please contact us directly.