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About Lebogang

Lead Therapist

I studied and graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Psychology (2016). I have a year and eight months experience working with children either doing, telephonic counselling at Childline Gauteng, individual counselling or group counselling and presently, ABA therapy at LUC Academy. I acquired the majority of my knowledge and child development skills, under strict supervision, from my practical year at MGI (2015). I am someone who believes that every child learns through observation and imitation and therefore, how an individual interacts and gets results is through how they were praised or punished for their deeds.

I have thus had a passion and drive for working with children especially those with special needs since I spent some time with an autistic child and never understood why I found it difficult to connect and communicate with them. But since I've gotten to understand children with special needs a little better from school and have been advised that connection with a child does not come from pressurizing and forcing self onto them but rather from looking at the world through their eyes and communicating with them with what they enjoy doing and then only introducing and modelling some other knowledge and social skills into play.

I have realised that this is the way to teach a child the give and take relationship of communication and how to understand the world better. I am currently working at LUC Academy and have been since June 2016 and I must say I have never been happier.