About Us

Who are we and why did we create LUC Academy?

We have a son who is challenged by Autism. He was diagnosed in 2008. The diagnosis was a huge shock to us, but after coming to terms with it (well to some extent) we launched ourselves into researching every aspect of autism, namely the most effective teaching skills and also correcting the body’s imbalances by following a biomedical approach.

Our journey has taken us to many interesting places and we have met many great people that have helped us along the way.

Our journey started off with us placing our son in a centre that had a ratio of four children to one teacher and one assistant, ratios which we initially believed were very good. However in hindsight we realised that even though the ratios seemed great, our son needed more than that.

We then launched a 40 hour per week (yes that implies 8 hours of work per day) home program, where we used all the ABA principles to reach our son’s potential. The program was (and still is) directed by a BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) based in the USA, which we invited to visit us each quarter to update the program and see first hand how the program was developing.

After two years of running the home program we started to look around to what the next steps would be for our son in terms of school/facilities and realised that on the West Rand of Gauteng we could not identify a suitable facility for our son, so therefore we decided to create a small Centre where our son could continue with his program, but where we could share our experience with other families as well and assist other children to reach their full potential.

The Centre allows children to be fast tracked as each child’s program is individually tailored and children can also accelerate their social skills as specific activities are designed and done on a daily basis requiring children to interact with one another, facilitated by the therapists.

The Centre is open to special needs children, that are challenged in terms of communication and social skills and have general learning delays. We enroll children that are between 2 and 10 years old at our Centre. Children are, however, able to continue attending our Centre past our maximum age for as long as is required, as long as they join our Centre by the age of ten.

Our goal with the Centre is to create a centre of excellence, where children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential through the assistance of qualified professionals and competent tutors.

Our ambition is to create a community of parents and therapists that believe in the potential of their children and will not leave a single stone unturned to ensure success, albeit that it will be different for each child.